About Us

Our Core Values

  • Be informed of your rights in order to make educated and informed decisions
  • Be informed on all policies and procedures pertaining to your service
  • Have all confidential records kept in accordance with the law
  • Be provided with service that maintains your dignity, privacy and autonomy
  • Receive service that is delivered in a manner that recognizes, respects and allows you to maintain your individuality.

EPL Med-Care is a division of Endeavor Personnel Ltd. Started in 1997 we are a 100% Canadian proudly owned and operated company.

EPL Med-Care is your one-stop resource for a complete range of services for all your home-care nursing requirements.

Our unique holistic approach to providing care takes into consideration all aspects of our clients' well-being in order to ensure their complete trust, comfort and safety at all times. We believe it's the best way to provide care. We provide both you and your family with peace of mind in the comfort of your own home.

EPL Med-Care is a member of the OHHCPA – the Ontario Home Health Care Providers Association.